100+ Fun Ideas for Creating a Happier Classroom

100+ Fun Ideas for Creating a Happier Classroom

Stimulating Ideas to Promote a Positive Atmosphere
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 100+ Fun Ideas for Creating a Happier Classroom is crammed with stimulating ideas for creating that perfect classroom atmosphere. As the intangible element in a teacher's planning, classroom atmosphere it usually the most difficult. It involves putting yourself in the place of others, and recognizing what your classroom looks, feels and sounds like. This book will help you to consider the impression your room makes on the children.

The aim of the enjoyable activities in this book is to help children feel confident about coming into the classroom and happy about returning to it. They are also effective, holding children's interest, while fostering important attitudes:

  • self-confidence
  • positive attitudes
  • team-work
  • linking school with home

Ideas range from advice on how to make the room itself more appealing and inviting, to carefully chosen activities that encourage children's self-confidence and generate positive attitudes.

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