100+ Fun Ideas for Science Investigation

100+ Fun Ideas for Science Investigation

In the Primary Classroom
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100+ Fun Ideas for Science Investigation contains exciting, fun classroom experiments in an easy-to-use layout to help teach scientific investigation in the primary classroom.

The activities require a minimum of preparation and only the simplest of science equipment. Each activity provides opportunities for children to develop their skills of scientific enquiry. All experiments listed in this book closely match the statutory and non-statutory guidelines and schemes of work for Key Stages 1 and 2.

With the aid of this book, students are given the confidence and courage in order to thrive inside the classroom whilst having fun in the meantime. This therefore naturally promotes the development of key scientific attitudes applicable both inside and outside of the classroom. Group co-operation is also encouraged within the investigative activities, helping to enforce the importance of leadership and appropriate communication skills.

This compilation of exciting ideas for classroom experiments has been tested and approved by primary school teachers over a period of 17 years of education. You can be assured that the activities in this book will lay the relevant foundations for secondary education and support every child's journey through education.


Life processes and living things

- Humans and other animals

- Living things in their environment

Materials and their properties

- Grouping and classifying

Physical processes

- Sound and its properties

- Forces and motion

- Electricity

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