Able Writers in Your School
Able Writers in Your School
Developing the Potential of Gifted Children in Primary Schools: A Practical Guide for Teachers
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 Able Writers in Your School contains ideas, practical advice and lesson plans to help you to develop the potential of the gifted and talented pupils in your primary school – and all the other pupils as well.
Many children have a real ability for writing. Not only are their technical skills well developed, but they also have a flair for taking risks with their writing. They are capable of stretching their imaginations, making connections and looking at things in different ways.
This book is designed for teachers who want to develop the potential of these pupils. Over 70 inspirational examples of children's work show the standard of children's work achievable. 
Suggestions for poetry range from taking an idea and stretching it to making the familiar scary and dealing with serious issues. The chapters on prose include creating a realistic character, building conflict, looking at point of view and developing dialogue.
The ideas in this book were developed by Brian Moses and Roger Stevens as part of the Able Writers Scheme, where professional writers visit groups of schools to work with gifted and talented writers. Schools participating in the Able Writers Scheme have found that not only have children come back from  Able Writers days inspired and full of enthusiasm for developing their writing further, the activities also play a big part in shifting SAT results from level 4 to level 5. Ofsted have also praised the Able Writers Scheme in a number of school reports.

The Able Writers' Scheme is co-ordinated by Trevor Wilson at Authors Abroad/Caboodle Books. If you are interested in becoming a host school for an able writers' group in your area, please contact Trevor on 01535 656015  or

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