Able Writers in Your School

Able Writers in Your School

Developing the Potential of Gifted Children in Primary Schools: A Practical Guide for Teachers
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Develop the writing skills of your more able and talented primary school pupils using these practical activities and strategies. Motivate and challenge children to raise the standard of their writing and help them to turn their ideas into masterpieces.

Warm up activities

Get pupils’ minds in gear and create a positive atmosphere with ideas such as writing an ad to sell your teacher to brainstorming strange hobbies, such as ‘Juggling with rice’ or ‘Making sculptures out of fruit peel’.

Writing poetry

Encourage pupils to:

  • Show rather than tell
  • Stretch ideas
  • Use similes, metaphor and personification
  • Utilise the power of simplicity

Writing prose

Teach pupils how to:

  • Create a character and setting
  • Develop plot and dialogue
  • Add conflict and suspense
  • Avoid clichés
  • Improve descriptive writing

Able Writers in Your School contains over 70 examples of children writing for use as stimuli and to show WAGALL – what a good one looks like.

The authors, Brian Moses and Roger Stevens, are well-known published poets. The ideas in Able Writers in Your School are based on their years of experience of running writing workshops in schools for the more able.

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