Bistro Escargot: Episodes 1, 2 and 3

Bistro Escargot: Episodes 1, 2 and 3

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Join Chef Escargot and waitress Suzette as they attend to Jasmine and Daniel at Le Bistro Escargot. Jasmine and Daniel become lost on a school trip with their French class. They happen upon a bistro where a zany chef and an impatient waitress treat them to an experience they won’t forget.

The scripts are in French but written and spoken for beginning level students. Topics and themes include name, age, likes, music, weather, food, clothing, geography, numbers and more.

The book and DVD are complete with script and activities that promote oral skills and comprehension: pre-reading/viewing, comprehension and post-reading/viewing.

In Episode 1 Daniel and Jasmine become lost and stumble upon a small bistro named Bistro Escargot where they meet Chef Escargot who speaks only French in his restaurant. Pupils will hear common greetings and introductions in French and how to introduce oneself. 

In Episode 2 Daniel, Jasmine and Chef Escargot continue their conversation in the bistro. They discuss the weather, seasons and how they travelled with their class on this trip. Pupils will learn common weather expressions, the four seasons and methods of transportation.

In Episode 3 a new character, Suzette, is introduced. Daniel and Jasmine are having difficulty understanding the menu and food choices in French. Pupils will hear common foods on a French menu, how to place an order and polite expressions.

You can view excerpts of the video for Episode 2 and Episode 3.

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  • Released date: Dec 18, 2012
  • Pages: 72
  • Type: Photocopiable resource and DVD
  • ISBN: 9781554097845
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