Bonjour, tout le monde ! (Hello everyone!)

Bonjour, tout le monde ! (Hello everyone!)

Level 1 - Brilliant French Information Book
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The focus for this book is on the different ways people greet each other in different countries. Traditional greetings have become the cultural norms and are often a sign of respect. Pupils in multi-ethnic classes may volunteer other gestures they know to greet people. Although some may seem amusing at first, pupils can learn to respect that their way is not the only or valid way to behave.

In France, it is common to say Salut ! (Hi!) to friends. To be polite, the French commonly add Monsieur when greeting a man, or Madame when greeting a woman. La bise (kiss) is mainly for people you know well. People kiss on both cheeks. Sometimes, people kiss three times (right cheek, left, and then right again).

Pupils can easily and quickly read this short, attractive, highly-illustrated French book for a sense of enjoyment and achievement. The book can be used to introduce children to reading in French and help them to improve their reading skills.

It strongly supports Intercultural Understanding by making a point of revealing, via the texts and the pictures, various cultural aspects of life in France or French-speaking countries. 

This book is one of six Brilliant French Information Books at Level 1.




La France en couleurs

Familiar colour words in a French context

C’est (+ colour adjective)

Un, deux, trois … soleil !


Numbers 1– 6, il y a (+ noun)

Des animaux importants

Animals and countries

le/la, en/au/aux + country

Les jours de la semaine

Origins of names of days of the week

c’est le jour de (+ day)

Bonjour tout le monde !

Greetings around the world

On + verb, parts of the body

C’est ça, Paris !

Paris landmarks

C’est (+ adjective)

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  • Released date: Sep 15, 2016
  • Pages: 9
  • Type: French information book
  • ISBN: 9781783172511

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