Brilliant Activities for Speaking and Listening KS2

Brilliant Activities for Speaking and Listening KS2

Ideas to develop spoken language skills - Years 3 - 6
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The book contains activities designed to develop the spoken language skills of children in Years 3-6. The activities provide full coverage of the National Curriculum requirements for Spoken Language and the pupil assessment sheets and advice on progress ensure that schools can develop competence in this vital area of the curriculum.

The reproducible activities include:

  • Interpreting facts and figures
  • Working out the correct order in which instructions should be given
  • Discussing and debating issues, such as bullying and junk foods
  • Role-play
  • Thought tracking
  • Hot seating
  • Retelling stories
  • Responding to and interpreting poems.

The emphasis is on activities in which the children use exploratory talk in order to clarify their viewpoints. Many of the activities are cross-curricular. A handy chart links the activities to other curriculum areas.

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