Brilliant Class-led Assemblies for Key Stage 2

Brilliant Class-led Assemblies for Key Stage 2

Effective, Flexible and Fun Curriculum-based Assemblies
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Brilliant Class-led Assemblies for Key Stage 2 contains ten easy-to-use, stress-free assemblies linked to the National Curriculum for science, history and geography. 

All these tried-and-tested assembly scripts can be easily modified to suit your class and can be as elaborate or as straightforward as you wish. Your pupils can participate as narrators, evacuees, water droplets or investigators, even the River Nile! The assemblies are constructed so that all the class can be involved in some way. All can be introduced and executed within one week – so as not to waste valuable classroom learning time.

Topics covered in Brilliant Class-led Assemblies are:


  • Away with the Pharoahs 
  • Henry and all thoese wives 
  •  We'll meet again 


  •   All change! 
  •   Let's investigate 
  •   Water, water, everywhere! 


  •   Rapid river research 
  •   Wish you were here in St Lucia 
  •   Climb every mountain 

Any subject

  •   And here's one I prepared earlier! 
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