!Es Español!
A Photocopiable Spanish Teaching Scheme for Primary Schools
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¡Es Español! is the ideal way to introduce Spanish to primary school pupils. The flexible format means it can be used in school or for Spanish clubs. The book is divided into 18 units. Each unit teaches a grammar point, and introduces related vocabulary. The teacher pages provide easy-to-use lesson plans with learning objectives, key words, activities and extension activities. Over 60 pupil sheets provide practice and reinforcement and can be copied. Written by Kathy Williams and Beatriz Rubio. Published by Brilliant Publications.
All the vocabulary and phrases introduced is modelled on the CD by native Spanish speakers. Listening exercises help to develop children's listening skills. The 7 traditional songs help to reinforce vocabulary.
Clear links are made to other curriculum areas, in particular literacy, numeracy and information technology.
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Product details

  • Released date: Jun 03, 2011
  • Pages: 128
  • Type: Resource book with worksheets and CD
  • ISBN: 9781903853641
  • Subjects: MFL: Spanish
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