Fishing for Tiddlers

Fishing for Tiddlers

An Assembly Story for Primary Schools

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In this primary school assembly story sisters Maggi and Tiz have a tiff with disastrous consequences. The pair has always been so close that others assume they are twins! One day in the Easter following World War 2, the girls are free in the outdoors: fishing for tiddlers and relishing in the pleasures of the natural world. It is a beautiful day and Tiz (feeling bonny) begins to sing a hymn- before promptly being told to “shut up” by her sister. Upset and insulted, Tiz shoves Maggi… and doesn’t realise how hard she does so until it is too late! Maggi falls into the freezing cold water of the stream and injures her knee on a hidden rock- of course resulting in tears. To make matters worse, Tiz notices the arrival of some very nosy cows – Maggi’s greatest fear. The girls really are in a pickle! Thinking on her feet, Tiz flags down the local bus at the edge of the field, and recognising the driver as her Grandmother’s cousin Albert; pleads for help. A kind, understanding man- Albert assists Tiz in getting Maggi onto the bus and offers to drop them home on the bus route. Realising there is a crisis; the other passengers become curious and concerned- but when asked, “what happened?”- Maggi states that she merely slipped on the bank of the stream. She explains to a grateful Tiz that she had been far too harsh over the singing so an apology is not necessary. Before long the girls are back to their twin-like closeness and to taking care of/being kind to one another, as they should. The girls make amends by forgiving each other- an important message for children to pick up on. Listeners can also understand that the problems can be avoided if they only try hard to be level and not to get agitated so easily. In this story, Maggi learns the hard way that her getting riled up by Tiz’ singing was just miserable and unkind, and ultimately futile- she pays the price for it. Tiz discovers that even when someone else wrongs you- violence is never the answer. It can be very difficult for young children to maintain an even temperament- but seeing the damage that irritability can cause as in this story they will feel more inclined to be tolerant and kinder too. It is also important to note that it is easy to ‘forget’ one’s own strength- Tiz did not intend for Maggi to fall and hurt herself when she pushed her and children need to acknowledge that even in play-fight they could end up seriously hurt. This story demonstrates to children that they need to take extra special care of themselves and others when playing in potentially dangerous environments. Listeners should feel discouraged from action, and encouraged to heed caution. This story can also be related to Christian teachings about turning the other cheek and forgiveness- incorporating some of the Religious Education curriculum in a highly effective multichannel learning method. 

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