Grandma Pitchford's Birthday

Grandma Pitchford's Birthday

An Assembly Story for Primary Schools


Little Dan is keen to give his Grandma the best present ever for her 90th birthday but is lacking inspiration. Everything he can think of doing of has already been done… and by somebody else! Grandma Pitchford and her infinite wisdom are very popular in the village where they live, and the villagers are throwing her a street party to celebrate the momentous occasion. This only makes Dan more anxious about choosing the present his wonderful Grandma deserves. When the party arrives, fresh out of ideas, a nervous Dan delves into his ‘special things’ tin and finds his prized possession: a beautiful conker. Watching Grandma open up endless practical and lavish gifts, Dan pales, feeling that his choice is so inferior. When it is his turn to take Grandma her present he waits in state of combined trepidation and shame. Dan is immensely surprised to see her delighted and animated response to his little gift, and overjoyed when she suggests a conker fight with the other villagers! His heart is warmed when she informs him that his is the best present she has ever received. Grandma Pitchford is so happy because she knows how important Dan’s conker is to him- it shows how important she is to him, so his kind gesture means a lot to her. Dan appreciates his Grandma because she is always there for him- this shows children also that love is not about going overboard with presents and fuss, and that making time for someone means so much more. This sweet assembly story for primary schools demonstrates the simple joy that can be found in the process of giving and receiving and encourages listeners to be kind and thoughtful always. Staff and students alike are reminded that it is the thought that counts, the simple, little things that are important, and - that there really is no greater gift than showing someone you care.

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  • Released date: Jul 19, 2018
  • Pages: 5
  • Type: Reproducible e-resource
  • ISBN: 9780857477217
  • Subjects: Assemblies, PSHE
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