Graphic Organisers for Writing

Graphic Organisers for Writing

Photocopiable Resources to Enhance Critical Thinking
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Graphic Organisers for Writing contains 60 simple, but powerful photocopiable sheets for use when teaching writing at Key Stage 2 (KS2). Not only do these tools help to break down learning into manageable chunks, they also help pupils to organise their thoughts in a very visual way and develop critical thinking skills.

The graphic organisers in Graphic Organisers for Writing go beyond simple Venn diagrams and mind maps. The sheets will help pupils to plan and write both fiction and non-fiction texts. They will help pupils to recognise relationships between concepts and relate new ideas to previous knowledge and real life.

Use the sheets in Graphic Organisers for Writing to help pupils to:

  • Gather information
  • Consider cause and effect
  • Write persuasively
  • Structure a report
  • Plan a story setting
  • Identify and use key features of different genres in their writing
  • Use a variety of sentences
  • Add a twist to a story
  • Write an alternate ending
  • Develop characters
  • Grab the reader's attention

The sheets in Graphic Organisers for Writing can be used with pupils of all abilities and are a useful tool for assessing children's level of understanding.

There are two other books in this range: Graphic Organisers for Reading and for Graphic Organisers for Any Subject, both containing 60 ready-to-use sheets. All published by Brilliant Publications.

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