Healthy Cooking for Secondary Schools, Book 5

Healthy Cooking for Secondary Schools, Book 5

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Healthy Cooking for Secondary Schools, Book 5 is one of a series of five books, providing a practical cooking programme for secondary schools, designed to foster enthusiasm for cooking and give your people the tools they need to choose a healthy lifestyle.
For each recipe there are essential cookings skills, theory and safety points introduced progressively throughout the series. All these skills are a necessary part of cooking and, when mastered early, your stduents will gain a positive experience of self-achievement and satisfaction, and yes, they take great delight in trying the results themselves!
Each book contains 12 easy-to-follow, photocopiable recipes, presented in both a traditional recipe format and in a visual, step-by-step format, so that all students, whatever their ability, can learn to cook. All the recipes have been tried, tested and enjoyed by  pupils in the author's school.
The recipes included in Healthy Cooking for Secondary Schools, Book 5 are listed below. Click on a recipe to see a full colour photo: 
The flexible format of the Healthy Cooking for Secondary Schools series means that it can be used by all secondary school students, helping them to become lifelong healthy eaters.

The activities in this book are designed for 7-13 year olds. If you are a primary teacher you may wish to order the primary version of this book. It contains the same recipes.

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