Hexagonie French Flashcards set

Hexagonie French Flashcards set

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This set of 120 colourful French flashcards introduces key vocabulary for:

  • classroom items
  • clothes
  • colours
  • school subjects
  • rooms in the house
  • household items and furniture
  • days of the week
  • fruit
  • pets
  • transport
  • shops

The clever memory tricks, which use sound and idea associations, will help students to learn and remember the vocabulary.

The pictures appear on one side and the words on the other, making these flashcards great for guessing games. The words are colour-coded, blue for masculine words and red for feminine words, to make learning the correct gender easier.

Ideas for using the flashcards:

  • Use the memory tricks when introducing the vocabulary
  • Add your own memory tricks as you think of them
  • Play games with the flashcards, eg What's missing? - Show several cards. Gather them up and take one away. Show the cards again and ask which is missing.
  • Ask questions, eg 'C'est un pantalon bleu ou un pantalon orange?'; Est-ce que c'est un kiwi?' (to which the pupil could reply 'Oui, c'est un kiwi' or 'Non, ce n'est pas un kiwi. C'est un/une… '.

For more ways of using flashcards to introduce and reinforce French vocabulary, please see Hexagonie, Part 1 and 100+ Fun Ideas for Practising Modern Foreign Languages in the Primary Classroom, also published by Brilliant Publications.

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