How to be Brilliant at Making Books

How to be Brilliant at Making Books

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The making of books provides motivation and a purpose for writing. How to be Brilliant at Making Books gives children a greater appreciation and awareness of audience and helps them to develop their own critical evaluation skills.

The 40 photocopiable worksheets in this book encourage a wide range of skills allowing Key Stage 2 (KS2) children to compose, create, publish and respond to print. The technological side of book production involves lots of problem solving and engages children in gathering information, prioritizing, negotiating, decision-making and evaluating.

The activities include:

  • selecting an idea for a book
  • choosing a good title
  • creating an index
  • choosing and designing illustrations
  • producing preliminary pages
  • different types of books, e.g. pop-ups, books with windows, concertinas, pocket books, big books and diaries.
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