How to Dazzle at Algebra

How to Dazzle at Algebra

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How to Dazzle at Algebra contains 43 photocopiable ideas for use with Key Stage 3 (KS3) SEN pupils who are working at levels 2 or 3 of the National Curriculum. The tasks are varied and teach pupils to understand algebra.

The activities in the book are based on the introduction to the algebra section of the National Numeracy Strategy - A Framework for Teaching Mathematics from Reception to Year 6, and links with algebra work introduced to pupils in Year 7. The precise rules and conventions required for the understanding of algebra are emphasized throughout the book. The algebraic ideas are based on:

  • forming and solving equations
  • inverses
  • identification of number patterns
  • graphical representation
  • continuity
  • factorizing
  • equivalence
  • the laws of arithmetic

The activities provide opportunities to try different methods of working.

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