How to Dazzle at Macbeth

How to Dazzle at Macbeth

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Is this a new book about Macbeth I see before me? Yes! It is! How to Dazzle at Macbeth is designed to give pupils who require support in Key Stages 3 and 4 a deeper understanding of the play through a variety of activities which will stimulate, amuse and challenge.

How to Dazzle at Macbeth opens with a simple summary of the play's plot, followed by a collection of photocopiable practical activities and fun worksheets.

The activities include:

  • who's who?
  • crossword puzzles with clues from the play
  • tests of knowledge of the play
  • missing word exercises
  • sequencing activities
  • writing modern newspaper accounts of the story
  • who said that?
  • learning Shakespeare's words
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