How to Dazzle at Maths Crosswords Book 1

How to Dazzle at Maths Crosswords Book 1

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How to Dazzle at Maths Crosswords, Book 1 is an innovative book of photocopiable maths crosswords which allows you to set differentiated tasks without the burden of marking sets of different answers. They will drastically cut down your preparation and marking time and give your pupils differentiated maths work that's fun to do and really develops their numeracy skills.

The book contains 40 crosswords covering all aspects of numeracy and ranging from level 1 to level 7 of the National Curriculum.

The crosswords are ideal for using as numeracy starters, classwork, revision, and homework. They can be used in just about every class of a secondary school as well as the top years of junior school.

The harder crosswords have more questions, whilst the easier ones have fewer.

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