How to Dazzle at Reading

How to Dazzle at Reading

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The activities in How to Dazzle at Reading will help Key Stage 3 (KS3) pupils with special educational needs to:

  • understand and use a variety of decoding techniques
  • discriminate between sounds in words
  • learn letters and letter combinations
  • read words by sounding out and blending the sounds

Pupils will practise:

  • identifying the sounds they hear at the start and end of specified words
  • the sounds of short and long vowels
  • identifying which words have a short 'oo' and which words have a long 'oo'
  • identifying words which rhyme with a specified word
  • filling in gaps in sentences and paragraphs
  • changing the meaning of a word by changing its 'end' sound
  • splitting up compound words into their components
  • scanning texts

“I have used them (How to Dazzle at English series) with my bottom set Year 8 group and they love them. The spelling and grammar are excellent and have them asking for more (a very rare occurrence).” Jenny Nutt – Subject Leader of English

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