How to Dazzle at Reading for Meaning

How to Dazzle at Reading for Meaning

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The activities in How to Dazzle at Reading for Meaning are designed to help Key Stage 3 (KS3) pupils with special educational needs to experience success and achievement, rather than the misery of failing time after time.

The activities break down into three definite strategies to help pupils to read with more fluency and confidence:

  • sequencing
  • cloze procedures
  • comprehension activities

The activities include:

  • describing the meanings of specified words
  • finding words with the opposite or a similar meaning
  • anagrams
  • putting jumbled up sentences into the correct order
  • filling in gaps in sentences and passages

“I have used them (How to Dazzle at English series) with my bottom set Year 8 group and they love them. The spelling and grammar are excellent and have them asking for more (a very rare occurrence).” Jenny Nutt – Subject Leader of English

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