How to Dazzle at Spelling

How to Dazzle at Spelling

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How to Dazzle at Spelling is a structured resource for teaching Key Stage 3 (KS3) pupils with special educational needs to understand and commit sounds, letter strings and high frequency words to memory. The rules of spelling are often difficult for pupils to assimilate because there are so many exceptions. Therefore rules require reinforcement many times before they are understood.

The activities in this book are designed to develop:

  • visual and aural discrimination
  •  visual and aural recognition
  • visual and aural memory

Pupils will learn that if they visualize the words, as well as sound them out, they have a better chance of spelling them correctly.

The worksheets include:

  • learning all the common rules of spelling
  • words containing short and long vowel sounds
  • groups of letters such as 'ea', 'ee', 'ai'
  • the silent 'e'
  • the prefix 'dis-'
  • word endings, such as '-ed', '-ough' and '-tion'
  • breaking words into syllables

“I have used them (How to Dazzle at English series) with my bottom set Year 8 group and they love them. The spelling and grammar are excellent and have them asking for more (a very rare occurrence).” Jenny Nutt – Subject Leader of English

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