How to Sparkle at Grammar and Punctuation

How to Sparkle at Grammar and Punctuation

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How to Sparkle at Grammar and Punctuation contains 40 photocopiable worksheets for Key Stage 1 (KS1) which introduce, reinforce and consolidate concepts of punctuation, parts of speech, sequencing and sentence construction.

The book provides a flexible but structured approach to teaching children how to acquire good syntax and punctuation. The concept of 'sentence' is quite difficult for children to acquire because it is so abstract. It is not enough for most children to reiterate that sentences begin with a capital letter, have a verb and end with a full stop. That does not explain what a sentence is, only how to mark one. Many of the tasks in this book are designed to help with such concept building.

The activities include:

  • Learning about doing words, naming words and describing words
  • Choosing the right word
  • Finding pairs
  • Identifying opposites
  • Thinking of words
  • Understanding the right order
  • Understanding the concept of a sentence
  • Learning when to use capital letters
  • Practising how to complete sentences
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