How to Teach Art to Children

How to Teach Art to Children

Helping children to experience and appreciate art
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How to Teach Art to Children has it all – background information, literature resources, and concise step-by-step directions for 96 art projects that will help your students learn about the elements of art and then use the elements in the styles of famous artists. This resource is designed to increase pupil awareness of the different kinds of art. It gives pupils a wide range of experiences and helps them to appreciate the art around them. Most importantly, it lets them know that there is no wrong way to do art.

This book is divided into two parts:

  • Part one: Learning about the seven elements of art – line, shape, colour, value (tones), texture and form
  • Part two: Using the elements of art – focuses on 24 famous artists and cultures and shows how they use the seven elements of art in different ways in their art. An accompanying activity allows the student to experience the style of each artist.

 Teacher information pages provide:

  • a definition of each art element
  • a list of literature references
  • fine art examples that demonstrate the element

  Each of the 96 projects and concept is supported by:

  • easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions
  • a complete list of materials needed
  • reproducible patterns

All of the experiences are designed to encourage students to explore materials and techniques, rather than to simply complete projects.

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