J'aime lire (I like reading)

J'aime lire (I like reading)

Level 2 - Brilliant French Information Book
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The focus of this book is reading habits. In France, reading is a popular pastime with children of primary age, but during their years in secondary school, many young people lose the reading habit.

In this book, some French children say what they enjoy reading. Cartoons (les bandes dessinées, or BD for short) are something of a tradition in France and not just children but also a large number of adults enjoy graphic novels. The adventures of Astérix, the plucky little Gaul, are always best-sellers, as are the adventures of Tintin (whose creator was actually Belgian, not French). Japanese Manga books and comics are also a favourite genre.

Pupils can easily and quickly read this short, attractive, highly-illustrated French book for a sense of enjoyment and achievement. The book can be used to introduce children to reading in French and help them to improve their reading skills.

It strongly supports Intercultural Understanding by making a point of revealing, via the texts and the pictures, various cultural aspects of life in France or French-speaking countries. 

This book is one of six Brilliant French Information Books at Level 2.




Inventés en France ?

Inventions/school items

C’est (+ nationality adjective) for items typically found in a school bag; il s’appelle …

C’est la fête !

Public holidays and special days in the French calendar

Names of special days, months of the year, plural verbs (present tense)

J’aime lire

What French
children like to read

J’aime/ j’adore (+ type of book)

Bon appétit !

Food/regional dishes

J’aime / je n’aime pas (+ food vocabulary)

Une journée à l’école

Typical French school day

Je (+ regular verb in present tense); je suis; je vais (+ school vocabulary)

Vive le sport !

Sports and sporting events

Je joue au/á la/ je fais du/de la (+ sport), question words:
comment, combien de

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  • Released date: Sep 15, 2016
  • Pages: 9
  • Type: French information book
  • ISBN: 9781783172573
  • Subjects: MFL: French

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