Learn French through Raps

Learn French through Raps

20 Rap-styled Songs to Teach French in Primary Schools
will be released in 78 days
Book Format: hardcopy
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Will be available in September 2020.

Ignite childrenʼs passion for French using these specially written raps which have been tried and tested in the classroom. They provide an enjoyable natural and stress-free way to learn the rhythm of the language, intonation and pronunciation, as well as embed complex sentence structures such as questions and answers.

The raps introduce key words and phrases for popular primary school French topics, including animals, family, food, numbers, weather and classroom items. They can be used to supplement any scheme of work, or can become the focus for a mini-topic using the extension ideas in the teacherʼs book.

The accompanying CD-Rom contains versions rapped by native French speakers, instrumental versions to enable children to create their own raps, and PowerPoints and other resources to help teach and reinforce the vocabulary.

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