Learn French with Luc et Sophie 2ème Partie Storybook Pack (Years 5-6)

Learn French with Luc et Sophie 2ème Partie Storybook Pack (Years 5-6)

14 mini 8-page storybooks about Luc et Sophie
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14 original, fun stories, written entirely in French, that use repetitive phrases and simple sentences to introduce key vocabulary, grammar and language structures.

Not only will children love the engaging, full-colour pictures in each mini 8-page book, they will also enjoy being able to read a storybook in French.

Each story features a young brother (Luc) and sister (Sophie) and their friends and family.

The vocabulary builds through the series of books providing ample words for children to use in speaking and writing activities.

Grammatical structures are introduced progressively throughout the series, providing children with the tools they need to speak with increasing confidence and fluency.

Children with early French language skills will gain confidence, and develop their language skills, when they realise they are able to read and understand a storybook in French.

Each book has a reproducible black and white picture inside the back cover to colour with speech bubbles for children to fill in. This will help develop their speaking and writing skills.

The stories are charming to read on their own but can also be purchased as part of the Learn French with Luc et Sophie 2ème Partie Starter Pack (Years 5-6) pack that includes a copy of each storybook as well as a teacher's book and CD-Rom.

Why not buy some extra packs of storybooks for your classroom?

Look here to find out more about the Learn French with Luc et Sophie scheme.

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