Luis y Sofía hacen sus deberes (Luis and Sofía are doing homework)

Luis y Sofía hacen sus deberes (Luis and Sofía are doing homework)

Luis y Sofía Spanish Storybook (2a Parte, Unidad 9)
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Sofía and Luis are doing their homework and start to talk about their favourite subjects. They get into an argument about which is the best subject.

Luis y Sofía hacen sus deberes is one of the stories in Learn Spanish with Luis y Sofía, a story-based scheme for teaching Spanish in primary schools. 

Written entirely in Spanish this original, fun story uses repetitive phrases and simple sentences to embed vocabulary and language structures making it ideal for Spanish beginners.

With engaging, full colour pictures and simple language on every page, this book can be read to, by and with children of any age.

Children with early Spanish language skills will gain confidence, and develop their language skills, when they realise they are able to read and understand a storybook in Spanish.

A picture to colour and talk about on the last page will help to develop all four language learning skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening.

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