Mamie and Papi's Basic French Grammar - QUESTIONS

Mamie and Papi's Basic French Grammar - QUESTIONS

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No two ways about it; you just have to know your French grammar! In simple and lighthearted fashion, Mamie and Papi give a thorough, clear and easily accessible introduction to the basics of French grammar, making this the ideal book for students learning French in Key Stage 3 (KS3). This book focuses on asking questions.

Step by step, the logic of each part of speech is explained in English. Exercises ensure that students develop understanding. Students are then encouraged to create new examples and compose original sentences. The book provides a handy reference and resource for both student and teacher.

Teachers have been asking for an introduction to French grammar for beginning students. Here it is! The book includes reproducible worksheets and an answer key.

Topics include questions, inversion with the passé composé, verbs conjugated with être in the passé composé, inversion with infi nitive constructions, inversion with noun subjects, question words and the interrogative adjective ʻwhichʼ.

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