Mi pequeño diccionario (Spanish vocabulary)

Mi pequeño diccionario (Spanish vocabulary)

My little Spanish dictionary - pack of 10
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Are you looking for a simple way of encouraging pupils to access the Spanish vocabulary they need (without resorting to Google translate)?

Primary children need to be able to access vocabulary to encourage them to speak, listen and write in Spanish. But when they are just beginning to learn Spanish, even the simplest bilingual Spanish-English dictionaries can be overwhelming.

If you find this is the case, we have a solution for you. We publish Mi pequeño diccionario – mini (A6) books containing Spanish vocabulary sheets for 33 popular primary school topics. Each page features 9-10 illustrations labelled with their Spanish names. The booklets are colourful, fun to use  and support all Spanish teaching schemes in use in primary schools.

Mi pequeño diccionario covers the following topics:

  • Los saludos (Greetings)
  • Los números (Numbers 1 to 20)
  • Los números del 20 al 100 (Numbers 20 to 100)
  • Los colores (Colours)
  • Los días de la semana (Days of the week)
  • Los meses del año (Months)
  • Las estaciones (Seasons)
  • Las fiestas (Festivals)
  • La Navidad (Christmas)
  • Las frutas (Fruit)
  • Las verduras (Vegetables)
  • El restaurante (Restaurant)
  • El picnic (Picnic)
  • Las bebidas (Drinks)
  • El tiempo (Weather)
  • La ropa (Clothing)
  • Los complementos (Accessories)
  • Las partes del cuerpo (Parts of the body)
  • Mi familia (My family)
  • Las mascotas (Pets)
  • Los animalitos pequeños (Insects and Mini-beasts)
  • Los animales salvajes (Wild animals)
  • Los animales de la granja (Farm animals)
  • Los animales del bosque (Woodland animals)
  • El sistema solar (The Solar System)
  • Objetos de la clase (Classroom objects)
  • Las asignaturas (School Subjects)
  • Los deportes - Yo juego..... (Sports - I play...)
  • Los deportes - Yo practico ..... (Sports - I do ....)
  • ¿Qué tocas? Toco ... (Musical instruments – What do you play?)
  • Las formas - (Shapes)
  • El transporte - (Transport)
  • El abecedario español - (The Spanish alphabet)
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Product details

  • Released date: Nov 17, 2016
  • Pages: 34
  • Type: Vocabulary picture book
  • ISBN: 9780857479815
  • Age groups: 11 -14 years
  • Subjects: MFL: Spanish
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