Mon Vocabulaire: Les fruits and les légumes

Mon Vocabulaire: Les fruits and les légumes

French Flashcards and Activities for Fruit and Vegetables
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Introduce and reinforce French vocabulary for fruit and vegetables (Les fruits et les légumes) using these colourful pictures and activity sheets. The large colour images for are ideal for display on an Interactive Whiteboard. The smaller colour pictures can easily be printed out and made into flashcards for use by individuals or small groups.

The reproducible activity sheets include:

  • Coloriez - Introduce new vocabulary
  • Associez les mots - Match the French word to the corresponding illustration
  • Illustrez les mots - Review vocabulary by drawing the image of the printed word
  • Écoutez les mots - Listen to the new words as students mark the corresponding word that the teacher reads aloud
  • Copiez les mots - Spell the new word by printing or writing
  • Mots cachés - Find the hidden words in the puzzle then match the word to the corresponding image
  • Décodez les motes - Match symbols to letter codes to decipher the word
  • Le bon ordre - Unscramble the letters to form the correct word
  • Mots croisés - Identify and spell the word for the corresponding image
  • Mots illustrés - Create a unique word picture
  • Le jeu - A two-player game that reinforces pronunciation and/or spelling of the new words
  • Le livre - Produce an illustrated short-story about the theme.

Ideal for use in Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2).

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