Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

An Assembly Story for Primary Schools


This primary school assembly story puts a sunny, supernatural spin on the joy of sharing. Young Alexis has learnt the very important life lesson that ‘sharing is caring’, but unfortunately the miniature creature who she finds stealing from her has not. When she chooses to respond with kindness as opposed to reprimand, she shows him mercy and the Shrub’s heart is warmed. He discovers that there is greater pleasure in mutual sharing and turn-taking than keeping things to himself, and once he starts to do so he and Alexis become real friends. This shows children how friendships are formed from kindness and teaches them not to be selfish. Children learn that they can gain something from sharing, and this leads them to find happiness in the act of giving- and in teaching others. This simple, light-hearted tale reinforces the golden rule: ‘treat others how you would like to be treated yourself’ and encourages listeners to be friendly and kind always. 

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Product details

  • Released date: Jul 11, 2018
  • Pages: 5
  • Type: Reproducible e-resource
  • ISBN: 9780857477064
  • Subjects: Assemblies, PSHE
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