Orange Smarties
An Assembly Story for Primary Schools

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In this primary school assembly story little Owen discovers that there is a big difference between medicine and sweets! He is nearly put in a dangerous position when he mistakes his new friend Arjen’s Grandma’s tablets for Smarties. Owen is excited upon spying a glass jar full of ‘orange Smarties’ in the bathroom at Arjen’s house. Intrigued, he decides to try and count just how many Arjen must’ve collected, but unfortunately the lid is not quite as tight as it first seemed- meaning that as soon as he picks the jar up, all the Smarties spill out over the bathroom floor. Owen panics and frantically grabs all that he can see and pops them back in the jar. Spotting a few strays he is sorely tempted to eat them himself, but quickly thinks better of it. Owen admonishes himself for even having considered taking the Smarties, before recovering in readiness to go and join Arjen and their mothers. Both mothers are immediately concerned about Owen’s pallor, and when a conscience-stricken and sick feeling Owen owns up to what happened they are even more alarmed. Owen is informed that the Smarties are actually not sweets, but a very strong medicine belonging to Arjen’s Grandma. He quickly reassures the mothers that he didn’t consume any and all are relieved. Rather importantly, Owen learns that no matter how innocent his intentions, fiddling with other people’s belongings without permission is wrong, warning children listening to take heed from this. The awful guilt Owen feels just for thinking about stealing demonstrates a consciousness of morality that children can also observe and take on board. The clear distinction outlined between sweets and tablets is a useful alert for listeners- it is important for children to fully comprehend the danger of misused medicine and for them to not let curiosity get the better of them. 

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