Peter the See-through Prawn

Peter the See-through Prawn

An Assembly Story for Primary Schools


Nowadays children experience and endure feelings of self-consciousness (particularly about their appearance) extremely early on. Here, Peter the Prawn despairs being “wishy-washy, palest of baby blue” coloured and is desperate to change. He follows his father’s guidance and uses his keen problem–solving skills in an attempt to do so. Whilst his plan is ultimately unsuccessful, Peter grows to like his pale blue body. After discovering how to be brave, he realises that it doesn’t matter what he looks like; as long as he is kind, his real friends like him anyway. This assembly tale promotes the importance of kindness and inclusion in society. Primary school children will learn valuable life lessons about how their actions and attitude are primary to their appearance and influencing how others view them. Listeners are also taught to have confidence in their own skin, and in their own abilities; those who feel that they are or look different and/or are struggling with their diversity and self-esteem will find this story especially encouraging.

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Product details

  • Released date: Jul 11, 2018
  • Pages: 5
  • Type: Reproducible e-resource
  • ISBN: 9780857477026
  • Subjects: Assemblies, PSHE
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