Phonic Limerick Friends

Phonic Limerick Friends

Rhymes for Children and their Parents and Teachers
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Phonic Limerick Friends is an amusing set of teaching resources to teach phonics. They will interest and motivate all young children. The book contains 26 humorous limericks, one for each of the letters of the alphabet.

Each limerick features a fun alliterative character such as Terry the Tiger and Zoë the Zebra. Children soon become familiar with these characters; it's very rewarding when they pick up a picture book and enthusiastically point out a Hannah the Horse word or an Alfie the Ant word.

The limericks enable children to see, hear, and read phonics in context. Children will enjoy and remember these amusing, creative limericks and will start to use phonics naturally when reading.

Phonic Limerick Friends is written by Matt Glover and published by Brilliant Publications.

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