Phonic Limericks with Zoë Zebra and Friends

Phonic Limericks with Zoë Zebra and Friends

Humorous Limericks for Teaching Phonics
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What better way to embed phonic knowledge than with memorable, fun limericks?

Phonic Limericks is a fun, practical way to enhance children's phonic understanding and enable them to see phonic sounds in context.

This resource contains 26 humorous limericks, one for each of the initial consonants and short vowel sounds. Each short, funny poem features a cute alliterative character such as Alfie Ant or Zoë Zebra. The children will soon become familiar with these characters; it's very rewarding when they pick up a picture book to enthusiastically point out a Hannah the Horse word or an Alfie the Ant word and so forth.

By showing phonemes in context in a funny little poem, rather than simply decoding a list of words, we are encouraging a love of reading from the very beginning – which is, of course, the reason we teach children to read in the first place!

The fun reproducible worksheets contain sorting activities to reinforce phonic knowledge and handwriting activities to promote correct letter formation.

The accompanying CD-Rom contains full-colour versions of the limericks, which can be displayed on an interactive whiteboard, copies of the reproducible worksheets to enable easy printing and Smartboard versions of the reproducible sheets.

The full colour limericks are also available as a book. You can find more information here.

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  • Released date: May 26, 2013
  • Pages: 84
  • Type: Photocopiable book and CD-Rom
  • ISBN: 9780857476791
  • Subjects: Language and Literacy
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