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Positively Me! is a self-esteem programme for primary teachers and pupils. Self-esteem is a concept that many people struggle to understand, especially in relation to themselves - their sense of worth and well-being and how these influence their interactions and relationships with others.

Positively Me! is designed to assist teachers to help pupils to understand what self-esteem is, and to identify their own self-esteem and what influences it. Integral to this learning is the natural influence of a person's self-esteem on relationships with others, such as family, friends and teachers.

Each section in the book offers a particular theme relating to self-esteem and incorporates photocopiable sheets for pupil activities. These activities and exercises provide teachers and pupils with a wide range of self-esteem scenarios. Most specifically, they encourage pupils to explore and examine their lifestyles, the decisions they make, the language they use and much more.

The book fits in well with the National Curriculum non-statutory guidelines for PSHE and Citizenship and each activity is referenced to the National Curriculum Programme of Study for this area.

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