Science and Technology for the Early Years (2nd Edition)

Science and Technology for the Early Years (2nd Edition)

Purposeful Play Activities
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Fully revised and updated for the new 2012 EYFS Curriculum

Science and Technology for the Early Years (2nd Edition) contains 120 science and technology activities for use in the Foundation stage, along with ideas for designing resource areas to stimulate purposeful play.

The activities are divided into the following chapters:

  • All about people
  • Changing materials (food)
  • Animals
  • Variety of materials
  • Plants, leaves and flowers
  • Light and colours
  • The outdoor environment
  • Sound
  • Exploring materials
  • Movement and forces
  • Joining materials
  • Electricity

The activities are clearly laid-out with the Purpose, Resources and Safety points given, as well as ‘Challenges’, which can be used to provide a focal point for each activity.

Assessment is an integral part of the book and the activities are linked to the seven areas of learning and development and the Early Learning Goals of the revised Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (September 2012), as well as to the National Curriculum for Science in Key Stage 1, to provide a smooth transition for children as they move from the Foundation Stage to Year 1.

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