Stewie Scraps and the Easy Rider

Stewie Scraps and the Easy Rider

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In Stewie Scraps in the Easy Rider, Stewie's big brother Clint spots an amazing motorbike.

"Oh, Wow! Come and look at this Stewie!" calls Clint. It is a beautiful glistening red and chrome motorbike with long steering rods and long cow-horn handlebars!

Later that night, Stewie secretly flicks through Clint's bike magazines until he finds a picture of that bike. Then he does something really daring - he rips the page out of Clint's magazine.

Find out how Stewie builds his own bike and what happens on the Easy Rider's first outing.

About Stewie Scraps:
Stewie doesn't do sport. He hasn't got any time for sums or things like that, but he does like technology; designing and making stuff using the scrap in his dad's junk shop.

  • Aimed at reluctant readers, especially boys
  • Gripping story line
  • Very likeable, engaging main character

You can find out all about Stewie's family and their junk shop with this PowerPoint presentation.

Top Secret is a teacher's resource designed to accompany the Stewie Scraps series of reading books.

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