Stewie Scraps and the Giant Joggers

Stewie Scraps and the Giant Joggers

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In Stewie Scraps and the Giant Joggers, Stewie goes away on an overnight school trip. It is his first time away from home and his first time in the countryside. His head is full of ideas for making this and making that.

Back at home, there's a surprise birthday party for Grandpa and a welcome home for Stewie.

Grandpa's present is a new pair of slippers. "Could you get me a new pair of legs to go with them?" he jokes.

In the dead of night Stewie sits bolt uprigtht. He knows exactly what his next design is going to be.

Find out what Stewie builds and why he ends up in a mass of grass, leaves and twigs in the shed!

About Stewie Scraps:
Stewie doesn't do sport. He hasn't got any time for sums or things like that, but he does like technology; designing and making stuff using the scrap in his dad's junk shop.

  • Aimed at reluctant readers, especially boys
  • Gripping story line
  • Very likeable, engaging main character

You can find out all about Stewie's family and their junk shop with this PowerPoint presentation.

Top Secret is a teacher's resource designed to accompany the Stewie Scraps series of reading books.

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