Stewie Scraps and the Super Sleigh

Stewie Scraps and the Super Sleigh

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In Stewie Scraps and the Super Sleigh, a new boy starts in Stewie's class and they soon become friends. Then Stewie realizes that since Miles came along, he hasn't come up with any new designs.

"That's it," he exclaims. "I've had an idea at last ... . Perfect. Everything I need is here ... . Look at my design," he tells Bugzy, his pet rat. "The Stewie Scraps Super Sleigh ... bet you can't wait!"

Stewie sits on the driver's seat of the sleigh ... but nothing happens. Why won't it go anywhere? Where will the Christmas magic come from?

About Stewie Scraps:
Stewie doesn't do sport. He hasn't got any time for sums or things like that, but he does like technology; designing and making stuff using the scrap in his dad's junk shop.

  • Aimed at reluctant readers, especially boys
  • Gripping story line
  • Very likeable, engaging main character

You can find out all about Stewie's family and their junk shop with this PowerPoint presentation.

Top Secret is a teacher's resource designed to accompany the Stewie Scraps series of reading books.

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