Teaching Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling through Drama

Teaching Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling through Drama

Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic Activities
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Teaching Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling through Drama is a creative solution to teaching children the rules of grammar.

All children need to learn the rules of spelling, punctuation and grammar – but they don't only have to be learned while sitting at a desk. For teachers who are tired of worksheets, exercises and reading schemes, this book offers a new approach to teaching literacy, through movement, speech and drama.

There are over 70 clearly described and ready-to-use movement activities, covering each of the rules that children are expected to know and use in the SATs during Year 6. Pupils will gain a firm understanding of language through these innovative movement, speech and drama activities.

Extensions and challenges enable the activities to be used and enjoyed throughout Key Stage 2.

Through acting out parts of speech, letter strings and punctuation, children will internalize the language and absorb ideas, skills and understanding. They will be able to draw on this stored knowledge and use it wherever they need it in the future – when they are being tested – but, more importantly, in their own writing.

The combination of visual, aural and kinaesthetic approaches means that the activities suit all types of learner and can be confidently used with both large and small groups. 

A wide range of ability levels, and even mixed ages, may be easily taught together and high achievers may be challenged alongside those receiving extra support.

In addition to literacy understanding, pupils will also develop skills in problem solving, teamwork and social confidence.

Suitable for use with all Key Stage 2 children, but particularly Years 5 and 6.

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