Tell no Lies
An Assembly Story for Primary Schools


In this primary school assembly story dozy little Dormouse gets himself into bother when he tries to warn the other woodland animals of what he thinks is a spaceship in their field.

The animals are disgruntled at having been disrupted, and they are nothing but scathing and dismissive of Dormouse’s claims - particularly Dog Fox who threatens to eat Dormouse if he is found to be lying. To make peace amongst the animals gathered around due to the commotion, Owl decides to fly overhead and see what the fuss is about. He discovers that a danger has indeed been posed to him and those that share the habitat, only that it comes in the form of a combine harvester, not a spaceship as Dormouse had thought. All animals present are advised to flee the area to stay safe…but Dog Fox has other plans. Having stirred up quite the ruckus, Dormouse has attracted the attention of various animals from all across the food chain - posing a lot of confrontation, as at this time of night, predators are hungry. Dog Fox is especially ravenous, and his first dish of choice is Dormouse.

Poor Dormouse ironically pays the ultimate price for the uproar he causes in this story - teaching children that engaging in clamouring, fussing, and unnecessary noisiness can get them into trouble - encouraging calm behaviour. Beyond this, Dormouse’s inadvertent lying irritates the other animals and leads to his downfall. Children can see from this story that Dormouse’s panicking others with an untruth can be very dangerous, reminding them that telling the truth is of utmost importance. Listeners can also avoid jumping to conclusions like Dormouse - as his mistake is fatal. The animals in this assembly story are all part of a typical woodland food web, providing great links to food chains and food webs as a topic for the science curriculum for primary schools to reinforce students’ knowledge.  

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