The Green Man
An Assembly Story for Primary Schools


The Gang of Three has always loved to set up camp in their local forest. In the summer, siblings Victoria, Francis, and little Louise trek into the woods and form themselves a campsite at which they enjoy a small feast until it is time to head on home. One day, they are stopped in their tracks by whom they believe to be a ‘wild man’. Dressed entirely in Green and introducing himself as Dan The Park Ranger, the ‘wild man’ instructs them to put their fire out, as he believes it to be a safety hazard. When plucky Victoria exclaims her qualifying her fire-maker’s badge, Dan is dumbfounded to have stumbled across such safety conscious and self-aware youngsters, but he upholds that their fire lighting is incredibly dangerous. When The Gang of Three’s mother arrives, Dan decides that they can all help each other- he can ensure that they are fully trained to stay safe in the outdoors, and they in turn can show other children how to do the same. This collaboration sets a good example for children in primary schools to follow- it is often a good idea to welcome the involvement of a newcomer- whether this be receiving fun ideas from a new friend or the advice of somebody a little older and wiser. In this case, Dan’s presence as an adult makes him a very positive influence. Although initially alarmed by his fiery findings, he chooses not to judge the Gang of Three’s decisions and get angry, but to help them. As a kind of guardian, he is not there to spoil their fun but to enhance it and make it safer. This will help listeners to see adults as a more positive influence in this manner, and to respect their own elders. Although the children in this story are sensible and careful (and therefore good role models for listeners), they are still too young to be controlling fire, as it is so dangerous- something that is also an important point for assembly attendees to take note of. This tale also showcases children truly immersing themselves in adventures in nature- inspiring, perhaps, listeners to adopt healthier habits and choosing to be in the outdoors and to revel in the joy it brings like the Gang of Four do. 

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