The Purple Pansy

The Purple Pansy

An Assembly Story for Primary Schools

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This assembly story gives children an early insight into the various stages of the food chain to link to the Science curriculum for Primary Schools. In this tale children can see how the food chain progresses all the way from Pansy plants to foxes- and it doesn’t stop there! Listeners are also taught how bees obtain nutrition from the nectar and pollen of plants, how detritivores like Carrion birds feed on decomposing animals, and notably- how man takes place at the top of the food chain. Mans rightful position at the top is questioned under a moral lens, for in this tale man kills a fox for killings sake. Man is vilified here as cruel and hypocritical. Little Bessy criticises her cat for his choosing to eat for sport over sustenance, and yet man has done the same. The negative depiction of merciless, gratuitous behaviour here will encourage children listening to consider their actions carefully- and not to harm others, especially when it is entirely unwarranted. The Dog Fox pays the ultimate price for his hubristic nature in this story. Ironically, he brags about being at the top of the food chain just moments before this becomes an untruth, hence the timeless quote ‘pride often goes before a fall’. This indicates to children that excessive arrogance and boasting is ultimately of detriment to them – with karma playing a big part. Alongside an introduction to the food chain, this assembly story encourages children to maintain good-naturedness and not to become conceited or nasty. 

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