Verbarama au présent

Verbarama au présent

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No more searching for exercises! Verbarama gives your students ample practice of the present tense of regular and most useful irregular French verbs. This reproducible book contains charts of verbs and answer sheets as well as logically arranged exercises for reinforcement of the present tense. Students use verbs in relationship to vocabulary that they are studying. Themes include l'école, Paris, Le Carnaval de Québec, la nourriture, les passe-temps, les activités d'hiver and many more!

This resource is divided into themes and allows students to use verbs in relationship to vocabulary that they are studying in class. Some of the same verbs are repeated throughout this resource, but they are used
with different themes. If your goal, however, is to drill one particular verb, you can choose exercises from various themes that deal with the same verb.

The verb exercises can be used to reinforce new learning, to review different types of verbs and can serve as meaningful homework tasks.

A verb reference sheet is also provided that can be reproduced, for each student. In this way, students can verify their verb formation. It also provides a clear study guide for students.

In addition an answer key is given for each exercise as well as a list of the themes and the verbs used for each verb sheet.

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Product details

  • Released date: Oct 14, 2016
  • Pages: 108
  • Type: Reproducible e-book
  • ISBN: 9781554096602
  • Age groups: 11 -14 years
  • Subjects: MFL: French

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