Vive le sport ! (Long live sport!)

Vive le sport ! (Long live sport!)

Level 2 - Brilliant French Information Book
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This book features some sports and sporting events that are popular in France. (There are of course others.) You could provide pupils with a
few more facts about each, or pupils could do some research for themselves.

Many names of sports are the same, or almost the same, as in English. Encourage pupils to use the French pronunciation, using the recording as a model if that helps.

The text takes the form of a question about sport put to French children and the pattern is repetitive so readers can become familiar with the language. It is interactive too, as pupils are encouraged to use their prior knowledge or make smart guesses to choose the correct answer for the factual question on each page.

Pupils can easily and quickly read this short, attractive, highly-illustrated French book for a sense of enjoyment and achievement. The book can be used to introduce children to reading in French and help them to improve their reading skills.

It strongly supports Intercultural Understanding by making a point of revealing, via the texts and the pictures, various cultural aspects of life in France or French-speaking countries. 

This book is one of six Brilliant French Information Books at Level 2.




Inventés en France ?

Inventions/school items

C’est (+ nationality adjective) for items typically found in a school bag; il s’appelle …

C’est la fête !

Public holidays and special days in the French calendar

Names of special days, months of the year, plural verbs (present tense)

J’aime lire

What French
children like to read

J’aime/ j’adore (+ type of book)

Bon appétit !

Food/regional dishes

J’aime / je n’aime pas (+ food vocabulary)

Une journée à l’école

Typical French school day

Je (+ regular verb in present tense); je suis; je vais (+ school vocabulary)

Vive le sport !

Sports and sporting events

Je joue au/á la/ je fais du/de la (+ sport), question words:
comment, combien de

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  • Released date: Sep 15, 2016
  • Pages: 9
  • Type: French information book
  • ISBN: 9781783172597
  • Subjects: MFL: French

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