We Three Kings
An Assembly Story for Primary Schools

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In this sweet story for primary school assemblies young Matthew is struggling to get to grips with the meaning of Christmas presents after hearing the Nativity Story at school. Learning the tale of the Three Wise Men has confused him as he starts to think that perhaps Christmas gifts aren’t supposed to be presents at all, but signposts or concepts engineered to get you somewhere in later life. This idea upsets him as he feels like he cannot ask for the treat he really wants (he feels as though it is too much) and instead feels under pressure to plan his entire adult life out at the age of six. Poor Matthew is overwhelmed! After discovering that Matthew’s Christmas wishlist is decidedly peculiar, Matthew’s father confronts him to find out exactly what is troubling his little boy. The two discuss what Matthew has learned at school and Matthew’s father assures him that he is allowed to ask for Christmas presents, that he doesn’t need to have his life mapped out yet, and that he is loved for who he is now. The important message for children to take away from this assembly is that they are all entitled to experience a childhood. In this instance, Matthew has difficulty understanding the fact that the tradition of gift giving at Christmastime can be purely for the recipient’s enjoyment in the present day- not necessarily to serve them in later life. As long as children are not greedy and they are well-behaved they should feel that they deserve to be treated at Christmas. Sometimes it is difficult for children to distinguish the difference between things they learn and aspects of their own lives. This story makes it clear to listeners that although Christmas is a celebration of Christ’s birth, many festive traditions today are completely separate from this- and that this is perfectly okay. Children will be relieved to note that they don’t need to grow up too fast and that they don’t need to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. They are reminded though to be kind and thoughtful towards others at Christmas, and always.

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