What about the Girls?

What about the Girls?

Sam's Football Stories, Book 3 (Set B)
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Sam's Football Stories are specially written to stimulate and motivate your slower learners and reluctant readers. Written by Sheila Blackburn, an experienced primary school teacher, the books will appeal particularly to reluctant boy readers. The six compelling stories in Set B continue the story of Sam, the football crazy boy, started in Set A.

In What about the Girls? Sam overhears something really odd. The girls want to play football! This is worrying. “Girls and football? Itʼs about as natural as me eating salad!” is Dannyʼs comment. Sam is very surprised to see some of the girls at the away match, in all that rain too.

How will the boys react to the girlsʼ wish to play football?

Let your pupils follow Sam and his friends on their journey. Join in the fun and excitement as they suffer injuries, lose their training pitch, enter a league and finally compete in a tournament. 

  • Provide stimulation and motivation especially for boys who are slower learners or reluctant readers
  • Gripping story lines make children want to read the next book
  • Compatible with the Primary Literacy Strategy category of everyday stories
  • Vocabulary and sentence structure carefully controlled for easy reading
  • Number of words per book increases as you progress through the series
  • Clear font and print style

To extend the stories further, use Sam's Football Stories – Are You on the Ball?, a reproducible teacher resource linked to the stories in Set B.

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