What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?

An Assembly Story for Primary Schools


In this story for primary school assemblies poor young Francis is constantly being mistaken for ‘Frances’. His crisis is worse than ever on the first day back at school after the holidays. His blonde, curly hair is overgrown feminizing his features and resulting in a barrage of humiliating encounters. Francis has well and truly had enough. In an attempt to make it stop Francis takes to his ‘grown-up’ name: Frank. With the rest of the day continuing smoothly Francis thinks he has reached an epiphany. Following a long-awaited trip to the hairdresser’s, he pitches his concept to his mother – can he change his name? To his horror, her anguished response is to burst into tears. She then explains that Francis inherited his name from his Great-Grandfather who was a war hero, a loving man and had blonde hair just like Francis’. Listening as he recalls his awful day at school, she recognises the reason for his identity crisis and proffers her compassion and amenability to change. By this point, Francis has a change of heart. Learning of his namesake has provoked his feelings of honour and pride for his Great-Grandfather, his uniqueness, and his family. This story will encourage children who perhaps have an unusual name to feel confident about it and appreciative of their heritage. Francis’ resilience despite embarrassment is an inspiration to listeners also suffering misunderstanding or mockery, Francis’ strong willpower will embolden them to get through it. 

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Product details

  • Released date: Jul 19, 2018
  • Pages: 5
  • Type: Reproducible e-resource
  • ISBN: 9780857477347
  • Subjects: Assemblies, PSHE
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