Where Can an Elephant Roost?

Where Can an Elephant Roost?

Challenges to Ignite Learning in Key Stage 2
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The tried-and-tested lesson starters contained in Where Can an Elephant Roost? will engage your pupilsʼ imaginations and get them in the mood for learning. For maximum impact, use them as warm-up, starter exercises first thing in the morning, to help develop their thinking skills, and they will be fired up for the whole day. With 180 activities in the book, there are enough for the whole year!

Very often teachers will sense thereʼs an elephant in the room – the classroom. The unspoken assumption being that when a lesson begins, learning somehow takes place through an uninterrupted process of osmosis.

Unfortunately, this is a little like the old adage about taking a horse to water … .

This book is not about horses, itʼs about elephants – flying ones at that. And the whole idea is that it makes other people think. Or perhaps, more accurately, it makes other people want to think.

There are a variety of activities, so you can choose the one that suits your pupilsʼ needs and your mood. Why not challenge your students to design a device that will stop people from biting their nails, or ask them to imagine what they might find at the end of the rainbow?

Activities encourage children to think outside of the box, engage in deep thought, portray concepts pictorially and collaborate with each other.

The CD-Rom enables you to display the activities on an interactive white-board and easily print out the activities and resource sheets. Teacherʼs notes provide helpful hints and extension ideas.

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  • Pages: 128
  • Type: Resource book with worksheets and CD-Rom
  • ISBN: 9780857471505
  • Subjects: PSHE
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